Our dog adoption services will allow you to take home a new member of the family. The dogs are well trained and groomed for you.All they await for is a loving home. We also allow lost dogs to be re-united with their former owners within a given period of time of identification verification. 

dog adoption
volunteer in dog shelter


Special paws depends to a high extent on volunteers. If you are passionate about working with dogs and giving them special care and treatment, please click on this link here to join our team and help us make it a world of pawsibilities for the dogs.

dog day care

Apart from our adoption services, dog day care is our unique brand. We offer free day care for those dogs who once lived in this shelter for free once a month. They get to experience tender care from our devoted staff and get to meet and play with other dogs.

dog day care


Some frequently asked questions.

You must be 21 years of age and have an identification card to verify age and residence.

The breeds are varied, keep checking to find your favorite one.

You can either keep the shelter name or give a new one.

Adoption,daycare and volunteer services.

Please donate by clicking on the donate button on this window. Your donation helps keep the dogs alive.

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